7 Piece Swivel Chair Patio Set

Get our 7 Piece Swivel Chair Patio Set for a cozy and stylish outdoor space. Made with durable wicker and strong aluminum frames, it can withstand the elements. The swivel chairs allow you to easily turn and face everyone at your outdoor gatherings. Setting it up is a breeze, and keeping it clean is low-maintenance. Spend more time relaxing and less time fussing with setup. This set brings luxury and comfort to your backyard from Pick of Patio.

7 Piece Swivel Chair Patio Set

About Our 7 Piece Swivel Chair Patio Set Collection

Welcome to our premium 7 Piece Swivel Chair Patio Set, your ultimate outdoor dining furniture. This collection combines comfort and style for the perfect outdoor living space. Every piece is carefully designed to elevate your backyard experience.

The set includes 7 thoughtfully chosen pieces to create your ideal outdoor oasis. The swivel chairs are the stars - luxuriously comfortable and able to pivot in any direction to enjoy your surroundings.  

Built with weather-resistant wicker and durable steel frames, the swivel chairs withstand the elements. Plush, fade-resistant cushions provide ultimate relaxation in these well-crafted seats.

Completing the set is a stylish dining table with a tempered glass top for easy cleaning and durability. Six matching chairs provide ample seating for entertaining.

Whether hosting a barbecue, spending time with family, or relaxing after a long day, this patio set allows you to soak in the joys of outdoor living in style and comfort. Indulge in our premium collection, expertly crafted for memorable outdoor moments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have a special swiveling feature called Textilene swivel technology?

Yes, the 7 piece swivel chair patio set from Pick of Patio has a special swiveling feature called Textilene swivel technology. This uses a durable, breathable and degradable Textilene material for the swivel chairs. The chairs can rotate 360° and gently rock 15° for comfort and versatility outdoors like in gardens or by pools. The Textilene fabric is easy to clean and provides excellent durability and comfort, making it a notable highlight of this patio dining set.

Are the swivel chairs also rocker chairs?

The 7 piece swivel chair offers an ideal combination of motion and comfort for outdoor living. These chairs go beyond simple 360-degree swivel function to also rock gently or glide smoothly when sitting back down - adding even further enjoyment to outdoor living! These dual swivel and rocker chairs, known as "swivel rocker chairs" or "swivel rocker dining chairs," allow users to easily face any direction with ease while providing a relaxing gliding motion. Together, these features create chairs that are both versatile and comfortable, whether you want to swivel towards conversation partners or gently rock back-and-forth while enjoying nature. Their combination makes these patio chair sets perfect for increasing comfort during outdoor gatherings or leisure time

What materials are used for the dining chairs in the patio dining set?

The dining chairs are constructed with durable, weather-resistant materials ideal for outdoor patio use. The chairs feature a sturdy metal frame made of e-coated steel that is designed to withstand all weather conditions and provide long-lasting strength. Complementing the metal base is a specialized Textilene fabric that makes up the seat and back portions. This Textilene material is blended with olefin to create a breathable, comfortable surface that is also highly durable and resistant to fading from sun exposure. Some chairs are made with a cushion option, offering an extra layer of comfort. Easy cleaning is another benefit of the Textilene fabric. By combining a solid steel frame with the innovative Textilene fabric seating, the dining chair delivers robust construction along with premium patio outdoor comfort and low maintenance care. The Textilene fabric is highlighted as a standout feature, allowing the chairs to retain their fresh look and provide cooling airflow even after extended periods in the elements.

Why is the 7 Piece Swivel Chair Patio Set popular as outdoor furniture?

The 7 Piece Swivel Chair Patio Set has become a highly popular outdoor furniture option due to its excellent combination of comfort, versatility, durability, functionality, and style. Comfort is provided by the swivel chairs, which feature a slightly rocking design that allows users to relax in a natural posture. Versatility comes from the 360-degree swivel function of the chairs, enabling easy adjustments to find the perfect viewing angle. The set is constructed with durable, weather-resistant materials like metal frames and Textilene fabric to withstand outdoor elements while requiring minimal maintenance. Its functional design, featuring a rectangular patio table accompanied by multiple swivel chairs, accommodates outdoor gatherings and dining with convenience. Finally, the modern, stylish appearance enhances the aesthetic appeal of outdoor living spaces like patios, decks, and poolside areas. This desirable blend of comfort, versatility, durability, functionality, and fashion-forward design is ultimately what makes the 7 Piece Swivel Chair Patio Set such a sought-after choice for elevating one's outdoor living experience.