The Perfect Tables for an Elegant Outdoor Setting This Summer

The Perfect Tables for an Elegant Outdoor Setting This Summer

MEOOEM has a history of designing attractive furniture for your outdoor spaces. We are pleased to announce the arrival of two of our newest designs which will serve as the centerpiece for your gatherings, our outdoor patio dining tables with umbrella holes. This collection features two distinct types of tables, one small and one large, allowing you to customize your outdoor gathering space with style.

These tables are designed with your outdoor events in mind. Whether you opt for large, small, or one of each, these tables have a wood-like design that exudes elegance. This makes them an excellent fit for the outdoors as they mirror a natural aesthetic. Additionally, the dark wood-like color and texture perfectly pairs with the black metal frame, creating a look that will go well with modern or traditional designs.

The larger of our two tables, a rectangle patio table, is 63 inches long by 38 inches wide while standing just over 28 inches off of the ground. It also has a 2.5-inch umbrella hole. This is the perfect table for joyful gatherings of friends. Meanwhile, the small outdoor patio table with umbrella hole is 37 inches wide by 37 inches long, forming a perfect square that sits just over 28 inches off the ground. This table has a slightly smaller opening for umbrellas at 1.57 inches. This is a perfect end table for holding your coffee, books, or drinks as you enjoy leisurely outdoor time.


Both tables are designed in order to be functional in addition to beautiful. They include an anti-rust coating which makes them waterproof and easy to clean. The tables are made with durable material that will stand the test of time and a leg design that optimizes space. Finally, each table has an umbrella hole, ensuring that you can maximize your protection from UV rays in the heat of the summer.


This collection allows you to have a table solution for all of your outdoor activities. The smaller table is perfect for a personal relaxation nook outdoors. Meanwhile, the larger rectangle patio table is ideal for socializing with larger groups of people. It easily fits six chairs around it, allowing for maximum comfort while enjoying one another’s company.

One of the greatest things about summertime is spending time outdoors with your friends, family, and other favorite people. This summer, MEOOEM outdoor patio dining tables with umbrella holes are the perfect purchase to enhance the elegance of your outdoor space while creating a welcoming environment for others.


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