The Outdoor Dining Table You’ve Been Waiting For

The Outdoor Dining Table You’ve Been Waiting For

Eating outdoors is a luxury for the warmer months where the weather allows.  When you need room for everyone to have a place to sit and still enjoy a table that meets your need for size and orientation, this outdoor patio dining table with umbrella hole is going to be just right every time.  Not convinced?  Check it out!


Clean & modern design

Even at first glance, this table is all about modern design.  With narrow planks all neatly organized in a matching rim, and a simple framework below, this outdoor table is ready for those that need streamlined design in size, approach, and overall aesthetic.

It’ll look great on its own while still making sure that you can enjoy this as a dressed-down version or dressed up with a tablecloth and place settings.


The table is designed for everyone

A table is only going to be as good as the people that you have around you.  If you need space for everyone, this table has a capacity for 6, with each section of the table giving room for plates and more.  There’s nothing worse than a table that tries to cramp everyone together, after all!  Measuring 63”, this table is going to be just right for everyone to pull up a chair and feel part of the crew.

The wood grain effect is a great choice for those that love the toned down, monochrome look, too.  It’ll dress up the metal table and help it look like a work of art while still being weatherproof.


A table designed for the outdoors

This steel table is going to be coated properly so that it will withstand sun bleaching, rain, and hail damage, as well as scratches and dents from wind and storms.  This is going to be a dependable table for true, trustworthy use.



Your best choice for dinner parties

Whether it’s a dessert and coffee event or a full dinner party, this tale is going to transition from one to the other and back again!  The center features a 2.25” umbrella hole so that you can have protection from the sun, the rain, and anything else you need to enjoy your event.  The overall appeal of the table is that it will adapt to whatever you want and need, as any good dinner table should!



The table you deserve

You’ve dealt with inferior plastic of rickety metal tables before.  Gift yourself this premium-quality outdoor dining table so that you can see for yourself that the right kind of construction and design from MEOOEM is going to make all of the difference!


When you are ready for a table that simply gets all of the details in order, look no further than this rectangular outdoor dining table!  Designed for the homeowner that is determined to take on the outdoor space and take charge of it, this table is the center point of your space.  


The right table could be all that’s standing between you and entertaining your entire family for a lifetime of memories!  Make sure that you are prepared for everything that you need with this quality-made table to keep everything together, looking great, and ready for every occasion!

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