The Best Additions to Your Alfresco Brunches

The Best Additions to Your Alfresco Brunches

The world has fallen in love with brunch. There is nothing better than getting up a little late on Sunday and joining some of your friends for delicious food and mimosas. However, many people are opting to save some money by doing alfresco brunches at home instead of paying for a posh restaurant. You can also save money on outdoor furniture with these best additions to your alfresco brunches.



Comfortable Chairs

If you’re going to be socializing outdoors, you definitely want a comfortable place to sit. These stackable metal chairs for your patio are the perfect addition to your next brunch. In addition to a durable anti-rust coating that can stand up to almost any weather, these stackable metal chairs provide you with an elegant design that makes you feel like you’re in a French garden.


One of the things people love most about these stackable metal chairs is that they are able to easily store them away. This means whether you have two guests or eight, you’ll only need to bring out exactly enough chairs. This can make it easy to alter your brunch space for the situation, ensuring that you create an intimate space for conversation.



The Right Table for Your Space

When it comes to brunch, the tables are the focal point. They determine where you sit and how you interact with one another. Thus, they deserve a bit of thought. The best plan of action is to organize tables based on your space. If you have a large open space, a large rectangular patio table is the way to go. This allows plenty of space for food and drinks while everyone can gather together. The faux wood finish of this rectangular patio table conveys a natural aesthetic great for an outdoor brunch.


However, if your space is smaller or not uniform, you may want to create several mini stations where pairs of people can sit together and share brunch. This square metal patio table is an eye-catching piece of outdoor furniture that is perfect for a few friends to gather. If you happen to have a long, narrow outdoor space, a few of these tables can set the mood for a great brunch.



A Splash of Color

Color has a powerful effect, helping convey emotions and making a place vibrant. Be sure to add a bit of color into your décor in order to create a welcoming alfresco brunch vibe. While there are a number of ways to do this, a great idea is through the incorporation of colorful fabrics such as the blue on this extra large umbrella. With items like this, your splash of color can also be functional, helping create a comfortable environment.

You can also add color in other ways such as with centerpieces or by planting flowers around your outdoor spaces. This is also a great way to further create the natural feeling that is great for the perfect brunch environment.

Whether you are looking for timeless beauty, durable furnishings, or functionality, MEOOEM has you covered in all areas with our quality outdoor furniture.


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