MEOOEM Rectangle Patio Dining Table:A Perfect Addition to Your Garden

MEOOEM Rectangle Patio Dining Table:A Perfect Addition to Your Garden

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or Christmas or just enjoying a balmy summer night, the MEOOEM rectangle metal patio table is the perfect addition to your garden. Warm weather and good friends await as this classy metal table gives you the al fresco social experience you’ve been craving.

Picture that family get together you’ve wanted to have or that stylish party you’ve been meaning to arrange for your friends; now picture it outside in the warm sun or the fading dusk. Now picture this metal table at the centre of it all; looks like heaven, doesn’t it?

Designed to accommodate six seats, but able to take more when used with standing room, this rectangle metal patio table can transform your outdoor space into a social hub full of conversation, laughter and warmth.

Sleek Elegance

The elegant black powder coat finish compliments the rectangular shape of this timeless patio table. It effortlessly provides a simple backdrop for sharing a family barbeque through the day, or something more sophisticated and mature with friends by night. But this metal table isn’t just all about aesthetics; it’s durable, study, resistant to rust, the elements and is easy to keep clean.

Its simplicity and classic design means that it can complement casual, day time or picnic place settings and dishes and is equally adept with a more formal dining set and cutlery.

Sun and Shade

This metal table comes with a 1.57-inch diameter hole which is a standard size for most garden umbrellas and parasols. So, you need not fear even the hottest of summer days; shade is only an umbrella away and the good times can continue. Umbrellas are especially useful if you have babies or young children who need to limit their exposure to the sun during the hottest parts of the day.

The addition of an umbrella can also prolong the life of your table by protecting it from direct sunlight which can, over time, fade your furniture. Everyone worries about rain, the humidity and rust when it comes to prolonging the life of your outdoor metal tables, but it is important not to neglect the effect that direct sunlight has too.

Designed to Blend

This rectangle patio table is designed to fit with multiple garden decoration schemes and to find its place in every garden set up. It works effortlessly well with patios, grass, yard deck and a bistro bring a stunning focal point to each of these.

Its elegant simplicity is its core strength and a very deliberate design feature; you might want to change your outdoor space or do some landscaping, but you won’t need to change your outdoor table as a result.

First Class Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products in the quickest and most efficient manner and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

We’re confident that you will not find a better rectangle metal patio table out there; we’re sure that if you buy this metal table you’ll be as delighted as we are with it.

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