MEOOEM Patio Double-Sided Umbrella

MEOOEM Patio Double-Sided Umbrella

Spring, summer and fall, sunny days signal it's time to take entertaining outdoors.

It is inevitable to do outdoor activities in sunny weather is the problem of sunlight,MEOOEM patio double-sided umbrella provides a large shade area for your outdoor space. You can rest and play in the shade area with your family and friends. This will be a great resting space. 

The sturdy umbrella stand can withstand wind and rain, which allows you and your family to eat outdoors in the rainy season.

MEOOEM outdoor double-sided umbrella is made of high-quality fabrics and metals, and the spacious top provides you with a large area of this kind. This double-sided umbrella has many amazing designs:

  • breathable polyester fabric

  • Metal umbrella stand

  • Thread design

  • Simple crank

  • Height adjustment knob

  • Attached umbrella basNM

This umbrella will be a good helper for your family dinner or leisure, and it will add color to your life.


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