Introducing Our Swivel Bar Stools

Introducing Our Swivel Bar Stools

With the weather warming back up, we’re beginning to spend more time outside. Whether you’re sitting poolside by yourself or surrounded by your closest friends, there are a few things you want. You want to be comfortable, stylish, and be able to see everyone at any given point! Our Swivel Bar Stools provide all those factors and more so you can enjoy the luxury of the outdoors! Let’s talk about why.

Our Stools Are Bar Height

Finding a bar height stool can be challenging. You don’t want it to be too high or your guests will feel uncomfortable. However, you also do not want them to be so low that they can’t comfortably rest their arms on your bar top. Now to clarify, bar tops do not have to be actual “bars”. They can be outdoor table or islands with bar-like heights!

Our swivel bar stools are the ideal height and come in a set of 2 or 4! Your guests will feel comfortable and have an elevated view of their outdoor space.

They Are Made of Breathable Material

Our swivel bar stools are made from a lightweight and breathable material. The material provides users with a fabric that does not attract heat or feel stuffy in the summer months. This is important for customers who do not have an outdoor area with much shade or whose weather is prone to humidity in the summer months. Made of unique breathable fabric, the chairs make you not feel stuffy in the hot summer, and always enjoy the cool leisure time.

A Comfortable Design as of Utmost Importance

Our swivel bar stools are designed to always provide optimal comfort to users. The stools were made to fit a variety of body types and up to 250 pounds. Whether you’re tall or short, you’ll fit comfortably in our high-back stools. The base of the seat is wide and sturdy, adding to the support and comfort of the stool.

Our Stools Rotate 360 Degrees

When you’re outside surrounded by friends and family, you want to feel like you can see everyone at any point in time. Our stools have a 360 swivel that allow you to rotate in your seat any which way you please! This promotes connectivity with your people and makes it easy for you to have meaningful conversations without having to contort your back and neck in the process!

The Swivel Bar Stools are Sturdy and Strong

You want a bar stool that you know will last long and hold you up for extended amounts of time. Our swivel bar stools were made using high grade iron. The iron is sturdy enough to handle prolonged periods of weight as well as withstand being knocked over or hit. There is also a powder coating on the iron stools to help prevent rust and water damage.

You want a bar stool that is sturdy, comfortable, and able to provide you with 360-degree rotation at any time. Our Swivel Bar Stools can hold up to 250 pounds, are durable against most weather conditions. They provide a touch of class to any outdoor space!

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