Enjoy Spring Socials with Fantastic Outdoor Furniture

Enjoy Spring Socials with Fantastic Outdoor Furniture

Spring has arrived with its frequent rain showers that will lead to beautiful blossoms. You may have noticed more people out for evening strolls or morning runs. You’re likely also seeing children’s soccer and softball games popping up. Spring is truly a wonderful time. However, one additional thing that tends to blossom in spring is outdoor get-togethers as the warm weather allows people to once again enjoy the warm sunshine. As you plan your next spring events, consider augmenting them with great functional furniture.

Of course, your spring social event cannot be complete without spaces for gathering. This is where MEOOEM 7-piece metal outdoor dining set comes into play. This is the perfect dining set for your spring socializing. It provides plenty of sitting for inviting over friends or some extended family. The stackable outdoor dining chairs are durable enough for the outdoors yet elegant enough to make a great impression. Plus, the black color goes with a variety of aesthetics. Plus, one huge benefit of the stackable outdoor dining chairs is convenience. They can easily be organized to save space while not in use. Picture warm spring evenings having cocktails with friends surrounding this table.


While one of the benefits of springtime is the added warmth from the sun, you definitely do want to make sure you stay a bit protected from UV rays. This is a job perfectly done by MEOOEM’s extra large double-sided umbrella. This umbrella covers an expansive fifteen-foot by nine-foot area. Plus, it stands seven and a half feet off of the ground, making it the perfect height for both sitting and standing events. The extra large coverage will help ensure that your guests are comfortable and safe as they sip their drinks and chat.

If you are looking for some added shade in a less free-standing manner, take a look at MEOOEM’s roll up outdoor sun shades. The highlight of these pieces is their design with breathable fabric that filters out 95% of ultraviolet light. These roll up outdoor sun shades are easy to use, with a chain allowing them to be drawn up and down. If you have an outdoor porch area, these will be simple to install with the included installation kit. A great benefit of this product is that it can enable you to enjoy the outdoors all day long. You won’t have to avoid your patio or porch during sun-facing hours.

As you begin to plan your spring get-togethers and events, consider an upgrade in your aesthetic with some fantastic spring furniture from MEOOEM. With our stackable outdoor dining chairs and table, extra wide umbrella, and roll up outdoor sun shades, you can transform your gathering spaces and best enjoy quality time with friends and family as the weather gets warmer.

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