Create the Perfect Intimate Outdoor Coffee Space

Create the Perfect Intimate Outdoor Coffee Space

For many of us, we enjoy our coffee. This little energy-giving drink is great for preparing us for the day, following a nice meal, or sharing while conversing with a close friend. Whatever the reason you engage in coffee time, there is something remarkably nice about pairing coffee with the outdoors. For those of you wanting to enjoy your coffee in the perfect setting, let’s take a look at how to create the perfect intimate outdoor coffee space.


When creating the perfect setting for sipping coffee, it all starts with where you sit. You need a comfortable chair and probably at least one for a friend or significant other as well. After all, it’s great to enjoy coffee with another person. MEOOEM outdoor stackable dining chairs are the perfect way to create your own intimate coffee nook outdoors. These chairs are carefully designed in order to be durable with a rust resistant coating. They are also made from a durable steel frame with wide slates for increased comfort. You’ll love the feel of them as well as the look. Plus, there is the convenience of having stackable outdoor dining chairs for organization. Whether you have a large outdoor space or just an apartment balcony, these are a great choice.

Of course, you’ll also need somewhere to set your coffee. This metal end table from MEOOEM is the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor coffee nook. It is small enough to fit in even tight spaces but has enough room to hold coffee, snacks, and even a good book. If you are looking for a table that combines durability, functionality, and a beautiful design, look no further as you’ve found it with this elegant piece. It also has a hole for an umbrella.

Speaking of umbrellas, a key component of any intimate outdoor coffee space is staying comfortable whether having a cup of coffee as the sun rises or enjoying one after an early evening dinner. Our extra large double-sided umbrella pairs great with our stackable outdoor dining chairs and metal end table. It has an adjustable height and is wide enough to provide ample coverage in the heat of the day. Access the ease of roll up outdoor sun shade with the hand crank design that makes for smooth opening and closing. With multiple color choices, you’re sure to find something that fits your aesthetic.

Coffee time means something different for different people. For some, it is a relaxing ritual. For others, it is an opportunity to catch up with a close friend. For others still, it is a chance to bond with a significant other. Whatever your reason for enjoying coffee outdoors, you can create an intimate coffee space with MEOOEM stackable outdoor dining chairs, metal end table, and roll up outdoor sun shade umbrella. Design your perfect outdoor coffee nook today.

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