All about MEOOEM Swivel Patio Dining Chairs

All about MEOOEM Swivel Patio Dining Chairs

Do you know how that one little thing turns out to make all of the difference when it comes to your daily life?  In fact, they don’t turn out to be so “little” after all once you see just how much value they add to your life.  

Our Textilene Dining Swivel Chairs Set is sure to be your new and exciting accessory that will make your life much more exciting.  Not convinced?  Read on to see just how impressive something as simple as a set of chairs will be able to make your life so much better!

Built for real life

First of all, these patio swivel rocker chairs are built for function first and foremost.  This means that they don’t just sit there for one function -- sitting.  You can genuinely enjoy these as comfortable chairs, too.  They swivel in 360 degree to help you get up and settle down at the table without incessant shuffling and tugging.  

They rock back and forth to help you stay comfortable as you chat after dinner and enjoy time with a book in the fresh evening air.  The round base on these chairs makes them durable and sturdy enough that you won’t have to worry about them falling over.

Comfort as a priority

Another advantage to MEOOEM outdoor swivel chairs is that they are actually comfortable to sit in.  While they are designed to look like a bistro chair and will be great next to the pool or on the patio, they are truly relaxing chairs.


You’ll be able to enjoy the high gently arched back as comfortable back support.  The careful slope of the arms and the overall cocoon of the chair itself is going to be ideal for taking a load off and enjoying some time al fresco.

Durable design for modern life

Too often, patio furniture is cheap and high maintenance.  From one detail to the next, this Textilene Swivel Dining Chairs Set is neither of those things -- in a good way.  Made with top-quality materials and careful craftsmanship, these are designed to be luxurious and impressive in their comfort and feel.  With 360 degrees of swivel and gentle, comfortable rocking, they’re prioritized for those that want to be comfortable.

Perhaps more importantly, they are an investment that will last season after season.  Made with mesh fabric that's going to make them weather-resistant, you won’t need to rush to protect these every time it threatens to rain.  You won’t have to worry about fading from the sun or destruction from excessive bleaching of the fabric.

Outside comfort prioritized

Simply put, this Textilene Swivel Dining Chairs are going to show you just how comfortable and impressive your outside life can be.  Whether you chose to enjoy these as bistro chairs to enjoy a nice meal outside, or you want to relax in them in the sunshine with a book, they'll deliver the comfort and quality that you expect and deserve.

Best of all, they come in your choice of 2, 4, and 6 pieces so that you can always have just the right amount of chairs for the space that you have available!

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